SOLLicious NFTs – A work of heART

September 27, 2021 14:59 ET | Source: Sollicious

Calgary, Canada, Sept 27, 2021 (CANADIAN REPORTER NEWS) – The SOLLicious team is excited to announce its non-fungible token (NFT) for international release. The team describes their efforts to launch the 9,999 unique NFT collection as a work of “heART”, combining their enthusiasm for digital art with a commitment to educate, engage and inspire their strong community on issues of animal & environmental conservation. 

The SOLLicious puppies

The SOLLicious puppies have been designed by a professional artist, each lovingly curated with unique attributes and accessories making every single puppy a custom, limited edition, work of digital art.  

Community with a cause

As digital art consumers become increasingly discerning and the demand for multidimensional NFTs increases, SOLLicious is leading this head-on by cultivating, as they describe, a community with a cause.  When speaking about the project, the executive team explained they are using the medium of digital art to champion and advocate for environmental and animal welfare causes. In addition to the strength and quality of the artwork itself, the SOLLicious leadership team are one of the pioneers in the digital art space, combining both art and social impact.

SOLLicious NFTs: A work of heART

Distinctive from other NFTs, the SOLLicious community’s mandate to educate, engage and inspire is truly industry leading. This undeniably increases the value of their art, and builds a project uniquely suited to last the test of time. At present the SOLLicious leadership has a 3-year forecast projected out to 2024, this includes further advocacy efforts, support for causes identified by their community members, digital art galleries, as well as, future collaborations with various artists, tech platforms and charitable organizations.  

Minted on Solana

According to the SOLLicious leadership, the NFT will be minted on Solana, one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the cryptocurrency community. Currently, it is the foundation for many innovative projects including NFTs, DeFi, Web3, and a host of others. The project’s leadership cited Solana’s popularity in the cryptocurrency community, its low fees and its user-friendly nature as the fundamental reasons for why it chose the blockchain for this project.

Members of the public and interested investors are advised to visit SOLLicious’ official website for the latest project updates, including further details on their mint, projected to launch in the middle of October 2021.

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