Change Up a Room With Custom Curtains

Choosing a drape style or curtain for your interior room can be challenging for several reasons. If you are not an interior designer by profession, selecting window coverings for decorating your indoor space can be overwhelming since you have to decide the style that will suit your home best. Many people choose types they see in online magazines without planning for the space and style of the curtain beforehand. If you don’t plan properly and choose your curtain style based on online sources or magazines, it may not work out for your room.

Following are the key elements you can use to design your interior space with the help of custom-tailored curtains Edmonton and window draperies.

1. Architectural style 

You want to balance out architectural style and your room furnishing using custom curtains, and you have to consider the material preference in the first step. Consider a new style of your room that you want to design. You need to consider your room’s architectural features as it will help to design your room. You need to consider your bedroom, dining room, and living room and then decide whether you want to give a formal look or an informal look to your room. Curtains are generally unlined and help to create a casual or semi-formal look, whereas drapes are lined and are created to give a formal look. 

2. Deciding on the space

 You need to consider the space of your room before going for custom drapes and curtains. If you have a small room, then drapes and curtains can be tailored longer and hung on window frames to give an impression that your room is spacious. You need to remember that while going for drape or curtain installation, vertical lines of your curtains will draw attention upwards, whereas horizontal lines draw attention towards the room. Custom-tailored drapery having long lengths will look more formal, and short curtains will give a relaxed or casual tone.

3. Lighting Scheme

You have to consider the lighting scheme your room receives before going for draperies Edmonton or curtains. If you have east-facing and north-facing windows, then it is certain that too much light will not be entering your room compared to West facing and South facing windows which get the maximum light. The lighting scheme that your room receives is an essential design element that you have to consider while selecting custom curtains since bedrooms will get an added benefit from custom curtains that are made from heavier, lined or thicker fabric that will block unwanted light.

4. Color and texture

The next point of consideration while choosing custom drapes and curtains is to decide on the color of the fabric as well as the color of your room. Before buying custom-made drapes and curtains, you have to consider the wall color, the functional attributes of your room such as furnishing, fireplace mantle, and the textures of Drape or curtain fabric. The pattern and texture of the material you choose will play a key role in enhancing the look of your room. While deciding on the room color or fabric, you must consider that the darker the color, the more you can make your curtain and room stand out.

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