How to Upgrade Your Current Engagement Ring?

You need to improve your modern-day engagement ring, however, you’re not quite positive about how to pass it. We’re right here to assist!

Your engagement ring says it all. It’s the declaration of your lifelong dedication to the individual you love. And as relationships develop and blossom, your engagement ring needs to also get that much-wished improvement! We have a quick guideline on how to upgrade your cutting-edge engagement ring; ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!

Your Questions:

  • What are the exceptional approaches I can use to improve my engagement ring?
  • How do I get began?
  • Will it be luxurious to improve my ring?
  • Can I use the same ring but alternate the layout completely?

This is the possibility you’ve been expecting. To ultimately get the precise ring you’ve constantly desired to have. This is precisely what you want to recognize to no longer handiest keep money whilst you upgrade your modern engagement rings in Vancouver but additionally a successful upgrade.

What are the Different Ways I Can Upgrade My Current Engagement Ring?

If you intend to take your modern-day ring and change its design or improve its fashion, here are the exclusive ways you can do simply that.

Make it Bigger! Upgrade the Center Diamond

Want a bigger diamond? The first aspect you may do is improve your center diamond. You can both update it with a larger one or a diamond with a one-of-a-kind diamond reduction. This is a great location. First of all, your engagement ring improves. Consider a Lab Grown Diamond if you’re hoping to improve to a bigger diamond, however, need to be as price-efficient as you possibly can.

You also have the choice of converting the middle diamond right into a distinctive stone. For instance, you could choose your birthstone or a stone with a specific color that you’d love to have for your ring. This is a wonderful improvement because it will provide your ring with that colorful pop, giving your ring a unique look.

Add a Wow Factor: More Accent Diamonds

If you have an easy solitaire design for your present-day ring, you may constantly add greater accessory diamonds for that wow issue for your ring. Have an examination of the difference between our Solitaire Venetian Ring and our Bellagio Ring with accent diamonds.

The addition of smaller diamonds makes the most important difference! Small diamonds are less expensive and this is a cheap method of upgrading your modern engagement ring.

Change the Look: Choose a New Ring Setting

Do you have a specific ring placement that you’ve constantly wanted to have in your engagement ring? If you’re trying to change the complete look of your ring, or you’re eyeing a specific design that you’ve constantly desired, that is an ideal way to upgrade your contemporary engagement ring.

Popular ring settings, inclusive of a Halo Ring or a 3-stone Ring, are perfect as an upgrade if you currently have an easy solitaire diamond ring.

Add a Pop of Color: Change your Metal Type

Most diamond engagement jewelry is set with White Gold. Maybe the improvement you need is an exchange in steel type. You can choose between a Yellow Gold or Rose Gold Metal for a completely new look for your diamond ring. These two metallic types are especially wonderful at highlighting the diamond. The comparison between the shade of the metals and the diamond makes the middle stone stand out more, or even appear bigger than its miles.

Go All Out: Upgrade to a Bridal Set

A remarkable manner to upgrade your cutting-edge engagement ring is to make it two earrings! We’re speaking approximately subsequently about having your very very own bridal set.

You have two alternatives to improve a bridal set. You can both buy a whole bridal set (a diamond engagement ring and wedding ceremony band) or you could add a marriage ring to pair with your engagement ring.

A bridal set is a popular choice for many girls. Have a study of our bridal sets and notice for yourself what layout you’d love to personalize.

If you adore your cutting-edge engagement ring but still need that new and upgraded look, you can upload a marriage ring band. A new layer of diamonds is constantly a GREAT idea! It creates a wholly new look for your engagement ring, and it’s also fairly cheaper as a ring band can handiest be set with smaller diamonds. Have a study of our beautiful diamond ring bands.

How Do I Get Started with Upgrading My Current Engagement Ring?

This is where the fun begins. You’re prepared to take the next step and either purchase a lovely engagement ring or have your antique ring repurposed into a new layout. This is how you can cross about the manner.

Plan a Budget

Before you can do whatever, you first need to verify how much you are inclined to spend on an improvement. This doesn’t have to be absolute. But an estimate will make things loads easier for you.

For instance, in case you are making plans to repurpose a vintage ring, you could provide your ring dressmaker a set budget to work with, and they could offer all of the feasible alternatives if you have got that painting inside that amount. If you plan to shop for a new ring, or maybe just a ring band to build a bridal set, then the search can be lots easier if you have a selected spending restriction in mind.

Explore Your Options

Before you can do whatever to upgrade your modern-day engagement ring, you first need to do your honest percentage of studies on what you want. If this means going to a mall and attempting distinctive ring designs to look at what design appears and feels maximum cushty, move in advance and do it. Don’t rely totally on the manner a ring appears in a photo. A design would possibly appear stunning, however, might not be something you’re cushty carrying as soon as you’ve got it.

A big component in finding the correct ring layout to improve is to explore what alternatives you have. You wouldn’t want to spend all this time and money on a hoop that, as soon as you’ve got it, you’re no longer entirely pleased with.

Get an Expert’s Advice

The very last step is to speak to a clothier or a jewelry brand about your finances and your desire to improve. A professional will come up with a higher concept of what may be completed with your new ring.

What to speak about with an expert:

  • The ring designs you’re seeking to upgrade to
  • The way of life you stay – What surroundings and difficult labor your ring will be uncovered to daily
  • The price range you have got deliberate
  • What alternatives do you have to keep money on a ring – For instance, upgrading to a Lab Grown Diamond

Is it Expensive to Redesign My Old Engagement Ring?

You’ll be surprised simply how cheap having custom-designed engagement rings Vancouver are. If you have a unique ring put in mind, you’ll want to speak directly to a hoop clothier. Make it a point to do a little greater research in terms of the agency that will manage your ring. You need to be seeking out the subsequent:

  • Multiple Examples of vintage jewelry custom designed and made into a new design
  • Expertise in the area of ring layout
  • Ask for the Design & Labor Fees Upfront
  • Lifetime Warranty Included

The study factor is important as you’ll now not need to be overcharged for a ring that’s customized. The craftsmanship needed to create beautiful but durable earrings is likewise a crucial thing to not forget. It’s constantly encouraged to move at once to a jewelry brand or someone who can offer more than one example of redesigning vintage earrings. Doing the extra research will assure that the cease result is something you’re most without a doubt satisfied with.

Chat with our group of experts to research more about what you could do with your cutting-edge ring, and how you may customize this into a completely new setting.

All of our earrings at Luxury Diamonds, which include our customized engagement jewelry, come with a lifetime guarantee. This includes:

  • Free Annual Servicing includes prong-tightening, cleansing, and polishing. We urge you to send your ring to us every 12 months so we will ensure it’s in tip-top shape. This provider is offered at no price but a small shipping fee to get it again on your fingers quickly and properly.
  • Three months guarantee at the facet stones of the hoop and jewelry craftsmanship. In this manner that even supposing a small diamond is lost we will replace it at no fee within this period.

Diamond Rings are hand-crafted pieces that need yearly upkeep to hold both the diamond’s and the steel’s brilliance. It’s also recommended to maintain the diamonds securely mounted at the diamond. If you plan on having your ring absolutely custom designed, it’s quite endorsed and you select a jeweler that offers a lifetime assurance for your ring.

What if I Want a Bigger Diamond But at an Affordable Price?

It’s most probably that the reason why you want to improve your modern engagement ring is that you want a bigger diamond. The hassle with a larger diamond is that it could get quite high-priced. There are some methods by which you may get that larger diamond without honestly having to spend heaps of dollars on a new ring. You have options:

Option 1: Choose a Lab-grown diamond

Lab-grown diamonds get awful recognition for now not being ‘actual’ diamonds. But this honestly isn’t true. These are diamonds that have been shaped in a laboratory that re-creates the identical conditions of an earth-mined diamond bureaucracy. It is made of the identical fabric to naturally form diamonds, and therefore, is as proper as actual diamonds.

The awesome factor of approximately lab-grown diamonds is that they may be up to 50% more inexpensive than earth-mined diamonds. These make the suitable preference if you want that larger diamond without the brought fee.

Option 2: Choose a Moissanite Stone

Moissanite stones have been developing in popularity for one motive. They look similar to diamonds however are appreciably extra low-priced than real diamonds. Moissanite stones’ appearance is barely exceptional in their color and the way the stone is shaped, but aside from that, until you’re a professional, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a moissanite and a diamond.

Should I Buy an Entirely New Ring?

This is, of direction, a YES! If you want to upgrade your current engagement ring, why no longer get an entirely new ring? A new ring means you don’t have to spend your time traumatic about a brand new design or a way to re-cause your vintage ring. You’ll have the freedom to select the exact ring layout you want and feature the ideal upgrade.

This is where you have to not forget both getting a new engagement ring or selecting a bridal set for the final improvement. The fine component of a brand new ring is that you get all of the perks of a brand new purchase. Be it the assurance, the newly polished diamonds, or the pleasure that includes shopping for the latest diamond ring.

Conclusion: Enjoy Every Moment of the Hunt for Your Upgrade

There’s no need to be too beaten about a way to improve your current engagement ring. It’s a laugh and thrilling technique, and also you want to experience each moment of the search. Has your companion worried about the purchasing or customization method? It’s all about having fun with it and making lovely memories alongside the manner.

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