Following the right laws before a demolition

The demolitions need to be done in accordance with the law. It is important to understand the laws governing demolition Vancouver and ensure that you adhere to them in the best possible way. Whether you want to do demolition on your own, it is important to have some licensed contractors on your end and get to know how much it could cost. It could cost you more when larger buildings are concerned. Getting quotes from different contractors can help you understand what to expect and know whether you got the best price. 

Usually, if you consider the cost of hiring equipment, the time it will take you to do the demolition, and the permits you have to get to complete the demolition on your own, you may realize that hiring a contractor may be the best thing to do. It is wise to work with licensed contractors and experienced in the area of demolition. For larger projects, it is always important to work with the experts. 


When handling a Vancouver demolition, it is important to find out more about the applicable laws. You will need permits to handle the demolition. Also, the laws may be a bit different depending on the type of building you are to tear down. If you demolish without getting a permit first, you may have to deal with fines. 

In most cases, working with demolition contractors means they will have obtained the necessary permits and include them in the project’s cost. However, do not assume. It is wise to ask and confirm that all things are being done legally and within the law. The best thing with well-established contractors is that they already understand the law and the processes involved. They may also have some connections with the necessary department, which makes them able to expedite the entire process. 

Utility companies

When demolition is being planned, utility companies also have to be contacted. This is to ensure that electricity, water, and gas, are terminated and disconnected at their source before the process starts. There are instances where other authorities like the fire department have to be involved in performing inspections and making sure everything is disconnected the right way. 

Hazardous materials

Before demolition of any size, you need to check for hazardous materials like lead paint and asbestos. These are materials often used in older constructions. These have to be handled with great care, and they should be disposed of in the right manner. If you are handling a property with asbestos on the insulation, ceilings, or flooring, you should get a professional to get rid of it first. This makes sure that the asbestos doesn’t get airborne. 

If there is mold, it should also be removed the right way. Handling any hazardous materials correctly is very important. It means that you avoid injuries and illnesses. Qualified demolition contractors have the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to handle all sorts of demolitions. 

After all the preliminary tasks are handled satisfactorily, it is time to commence the demolition. Demo contractors are the best to handle the task, and they use a combination of mechanical and manual demolition. There are heavy machines that can be used, such as hydraulic excavators.  The demolitions are done depending on the property’s condition. It also depends on the materials used in the building. Demolitions are also handled following Vancouver laws.

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