The Rise of the Independent Voter

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of independent voters in the United States. According to a 2020 study by the Pew Research Center, nearly half of all Americans now identify as independent, while a smaller number identify as Democrats or Republicans. This shift away from the two major parties has led to a growing interest in alternative political organizations that cater to independent voters.

One such organization is Good Party, a non-partisan political group that aims to give independent voters a voice in the political process. Good Party was founded on the belief that the two major political parties no longer represent the interests of the majority of Americans and that it is time for a new, independent alternative to emerge.

Good Party seeks to provide a platform for independent candidates who are not beholden to either major political party, but rather are free to represent their constituents based on their own beliefs and values. Good Party is committed to supporting candidates who are honest, ethical, and who have a genuine interest in serving their communities.

Good Party recognizes that the rise of the independent voter is a reflection of growing dissatisfaction with the current political system. Many Americans feel that their voices are not being heard, that their concerns are not being addressed, and that the two major political parties are more concerned with advancing their own agendas than with serving the needs of the people.

In response to this growing sense of frustration, Good Party has set out to provide a new and better way of doing politics. The organization is focused on empowering independent voters and promoting a more collaborative and inclusive political process. By doing so, Good Party hopes to build a political system that truly reflects the diverse perspectives and needs of the American people.

Good Party is also committed to transparency and accountability. The organization’s website provides detailed information about its mission, its values, and its goals. It also features a comprehensive list of candidates who have been endorsed by Good Party, as well as information about their positions on a variety of important issues.

In conclusion, the rise of the independent voter is a sign of a growing desire for change in the political landscape. Good Party is one of the organizations that is working to meet this demand by providing a platform for independent candidates who are committed to serving the needs of their constituents. To learn more about Good Party and its mission, visit

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