Industries where Epoxy Resins are used

epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is the most used substance in the world. Being low in cost, highly versatile, easy to mould, glossy look and weather-resistant nature make the epoxy resin used in almost every industry. To be precise, copper is used in nearly 48% of enterprises in the world (except the food industry). On the other hand, epoxy resin is used in almost 65% of sectors (except the food industry). Now, you can have a rough idea of the popularity and the importance of resin in the world. To increase your knowledge, we’ve mentioned the four biggest consumer industries of epoxy resins and explained how they utilize them in this article.

So let’s get into it!

Wood Crafting

In the wood crafting industry, resin is used to create custom wood furniture and wood designs. Decorational wood crafting is only dependent on epoxy resin. The epoxy allows the craftsman to customize the invention in any shape, size and colour he wants.

Because we all know regular wood isn’t so customizable, and you can never put unique custom designs on it. However, the craftsman can design unique and custom wooden furniture according to their imagination with epoxy resin. Moreover, the resin is also used as a water-resistant coating on wood.

Arts and crafts

Of course, if we are talking about epoxy resin applications, how can we forget the arts and craft industry? It’s not wrong to say that if epoxy resin is today the most used substance globally, it’s just because of the arts and crafts industry. Because of the arts and craft industry, other sectors notice the benefits of epoxy resin and how this material can offer them benefits.

In the carts and craft industry, epoxy resin is used to design DIY projects, decoration pieces, small projects, frames, or, to be precise, you can create anything according to your imagination through the epoxy resin in arts and craft. It has immeasurable uses in arts and crafts.

Protective Coating

Did you know that epoxy resin is a non-porous and non-hygroscopic material? It means no air, moisture, oxygen, and water can pass through the epoxy when it’s hardened. Moreover, besides this nature, epoxy is a complete weather-resistant material and doesn’t react to external weather or water.

These natures of epoxy make it the best material to be used as a protective coating on materials that react to the environment or water. Such as it’s used as a protective coating on metal, wood, plastic and silicon. Because all these materials respond to the environment and water, after applying a resin coat, it makes them the environment and water-resistant.


As we already mentioned, epoxy resin is easy to mould, light in weight and most importantly, extremely low in cost. All of these features make the epoxy resin best to be used in toys. Moreover, besides all those above characteristics, epoxy is non-toxic and doesn’t contain sharp edges like metals and PVC, making it ideal for kids’ toys.

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