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When it comes to a wedding, one of the prime aspects that would assume a lot of essence and importance is how to plan the budget for the wedding. Before finalising all the details, it may be necessary to figure out who pays for what. One such aspect of the wedding is to ascertain who pays for the wedding transportation.

Wedding Budget – Who pays for the transportation?

Traditionally, it has been the bride’s family who pays for the transportation of the wedding. Only exception here is that the groom’s family pays for the transportation of the groom and his wedding party. However, things have changed these days, and both groom and bride pay for their own transportation costs.

If you are a modern couple who thinks quite differently and not someone to be bogged down by the tradition, it may be a good idea to have a discussion between you, and decide on who would wish to pay for what. Deciding how to split the bills would be up to you as a couple.

As a standard, here is what and who pays for what –

Bride Pays for the following costs

  • Wedding ring for the groom
  • Wedding gift for groom
  • Gifts for the bride’s attendants
  • Thank you, gift, for parents
  • Bridesmaid’s luncheon and other food requirements
  • Transportation for bridal party to wedding

Groom pays for the following costs

  • Wedding and engagement ring for the bride
  • Wedding gifts for the bride
  • Wedding attire
  • Honeymoon trip
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Limousine expense leaving reception
  • Transportation for groomsmen to wedding

Your wedding guests do pay for their own attire, transportation, accommodation, travel and wedding gifts. If the guests are out of town, the accommodation and transportation may be arranged by the bride’s and groom’s family depending upon whether the guests are from bride’s or groom’s side.

One of the best contemporary options that has been gaining traction of late is to split the wedding expenses into three parts and sharing it between the couple and family members. It would ideally be dependent on you to find whether you would want to stick to the tradition or believe in having your own tradition.

A recent survey has indicated that parents do pay for 52 percent of the total wedding costs, and the couple pays for 47 percent of the total wedding costs. The remaining 1 percent of the cost is paid by the other family members. However, it may be noticed that there may be a few slight changes and differences in individual cases.

Irrespective of who pays for the wedding transportation, it should be extremely essential to pay enough attention to the choice of the right wedding transportation service. Reliability and experience of the service provider should be one of the prerequisites when deciding the best transportation option for your needs. Toronto wedding limousines, for instance, have been able to achieve a higher degree of quality and efficacy in providing a streamlined and outstanding service quality ever for almost all the wedding transportation needs. Make sure that you pick the best service quality for your expectations.

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